Communicate with Clarity & Charisma and transform your career and leadership potential.
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Compelling communication is not a fluke. Getting the influence YOU can only dream of counts on you drilling down, planning, and refining your speaking confidence.

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What is The C-Suite?

Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

The C-Suite is an engaging, easy-to-digest hands-on, and EFFECTIVE experience for your professional & personal communication.

This program is not about feeling alone or worse about your speaking.

It’s all about shifting your thinking, giving you strength-based training and the practical skills to help you think about your speaking with upbeat joy rather than crippling fear.

The C-Suite is your science-backed system to building communication skills that you’re proud of so that you can make the most of your time on earth by accomplishing more interpersonal depth and self-assurance when interacting professionally and personally.
Sara Geiger
Founder & Communication Performance Consultant
How does the C-Suite Work?
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The C-Suite is a practical stand alone offering that will help you refine your niche communication skills.

You’ll learn the 5 skills you need to communicate intelligently and elegantly.

The C-Suite comes complete with comprehensive power sheets and playbooks to help you implement your new skills.

You’ll learn how to develop self-study skills for your communication growth implementation that is backed by emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity research.

All communication courses include video modules, technical strategy workbooks and practice materials based on research. The program is self-paced which puts the learning ownership on you to allow for deep learning strategies.

The hefty resource supplements and engaging power workshops with Sara Geiger serve to guide your learning engagement comfort and speaking growth.

It’s time to speak with more elegance, confidence & comfort.
Step One
Enrol in the C-Suite When doors open to start your science-backed elocution training.
Step Two
Undertake the guided elocution training complete with practice resources in your home.
Step Three
Use my progress trackers, power sheets, and playbook tools to implement your speaking skills into your daily life.

There are just 5 skills you need to communicate intelligently & elegantly.
It’s a fact- speaking confidence isn’t in your DNA. It’s a specific skill set. And if you can’t express yourself confidently, you’re losing communication capital. But with the proper training, you can speak up with clarity,  impact and elegance.
  • Get science-backed training for your speaking
  • Have access to detailed training sessions online for your communication
  • Learn in your living room or office
  • Build the 5 skills you need to communicate elegantly & intelligently
  • Pivot your speaking for your career and personal life
What People Are Saying…
My experience with Sara was excellent. Her personable and highly professional approach helped shift my thinking in relation to my voice.

I found her responses and advice to be informative and credible and I felt confident in the explanations and advice she gave me knowing they were evidence based.

I also found Sarah’s approach very holistic rather than isolating the voice as the problem but instead thinking of the voice in relation to other aspects of me.

DR. JULIE B., Researcher, Lecturer, and Academic
Sara is brilliant! She comes to every session with so much enthusiasm and insight, I love all of our sessions. Sara makes me feel empowered to keep improving and recognise my strengths too. It has been such a positive experience so far and I can’t wait for more sessions!
ANNEKE R., Disability Liason Officer
I successfully changed my career and landed a dream job at the most prestigious company in the field. Whilst a lot of work went into that, the program certainly helped and it entirely changed what I knew, and how I thought, about using one’s voice.
SAMUEL H., Management Consultant