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What Others Say


My experience with Sara was excellent. Her personable and highly professional approach helped shift my thinking in relation to my voice. I found her responses and advice to be informative and credible and I felt confident in the explanations and advice she gave me knowing they were evidence based. I also found Sarah’s approach very holistic rather than isolating the voice as the problem but instead thinking of the voice in relation to other aspects of me.


 / Academic


Sara is brilliant! She comes to every session with so much enthusiasm and insight, I love all of our sessions. Sara makes me feel empowered to keep improving and recognise my strengths too. It has been such a positive experience so far and I can't wait for more sessions!


/ Disability Liaison Officer


I successfully changed my career and landed a dream job at the most prestigious company in the field. Whilst a lot of work went into that, the program certainly helped and it entirely changed what I knew, and how I thought, about using one’s voice.


/ Management Consultant