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The Communication Growth Plan

Evaluate your Professional Speaking to fuel Personal Growth

Uncover speaking growth goals that build your impact at work.

Today I’m going to share the perfect tool to help you develop a plan for your personal growth at work. 

The Communication Growth plan for work will help you focus on the core areas of your communication that are scalable & changeable, so you get more clarity on meaningful goals to enhance your communication impact and professional growth.

Confidence and progress at work pivot around your ability to communicate effectively, which always takes strategy.

Here’s what you get if you take me up on this resource:

✅ A 7-page resource that assists you in getting started on an evaluation of your professional communication goals

✅ Discover what high-performance communication activities you need to get ahead professionally 

✅ Explore communication growth goals across 7 key areas- speech, voice, message structure, soft skills and delivery.

“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.”


Sara Geiger

Personal Development Plan


personal development plan

This resource is suited to you if…

You know something is missing with your professional communication, but you can’t pinpoint what you need to work on.

You’d like to learn more about what makes professionals sound clear and concise.

You don’t know what your speaking strengths and weaknesses are.

You’d like to increase your confidence when interacting at work.

You are motivated and ambitious to get a leadership position, and you feel like new communication goals could help push you forward professionally.

Communication is like String Theory, it’s the Foundation of Everything.

I’m fixated on assisting you to increase your impact, comfort, and confidence, mainly so that you can feel more comfortable and empowered at work. Remember, I work globally, so you can take advantage of this, no matter where you’re based.

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