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While waiting, here are our finest programs to up-level your communication skills.

executive presence

The High-Performance Communication Audit

When it comes to confidence, there’s always a huge gap between looking confident and actually feeling confident when you’re under pressure.⁠⁠
So how can you scale your communication confidence?⁠⁠
If you want to build your social connection skills and confidence when communicating at work or in your social life, start by setting some concrete interpersonal communication goals.⁠⁠
Our High-Performance Communication Audit does the heavy lifting for you. ⁠⁠

vocabulary workshop

The Vocabulary Workshop

“It’s right on the tip of my tongue!
“What’s that word?”

Don’t you hate it when this happens?

An expansive vocabulary is a key tool for competent communicators. But it’s not enough to know what a word means if you can’t retrieve it in the heat of the moment.

Speaking confidence usually plummets when we can’t find or incorporate the precise words we need.

Grow your vocabulary fast and have the word assets you need to be more convincing, concise and engaging.

The Trello Vocabulary Wonderboard course connects the complex research around vocabulary growth with simple daily activities you can do, no matter how busy you are, to get concrete results in your speaking.

vocabulary workshop
executive presence

The C-Suite

The C-Suite is a practical stand alone offering that will help you refine your niche communication skills.

You’ll learn the 5 skills you need to communicate intelligently and elegantly.

The C-Suite comes complete with comprehensive power sheets and playbooks to help you implement your new skills.

You’ll learn how to develop self-study skills for your communication growth implementation that is backed by emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity research.

All communication courses include video modules, technical strategy workbooks and practice materials based on research. The program is self-paced which puts the learning ownership on you to allow for deep learning strategies.

The hefty resource supplements and engaging power workshops with Sara Geiger serve to guide your learning engagement comfort and speaking growth.

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