Science-based Communication Training for you, your team or company

Science-based Communication Training for you, your team or company

executive communication training

Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

Want to lift your business persona & career?

I’ll help.

Do you wish you could think on your feet and speak on a roll?

Executive presence coaching can help.

My extensive tricks are not only research-backed; they work to sharpen your communication agility drastically so that people can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

If you’re an executive, emerging leader or an ambitious person who wants to get ahead professionally, I can help with that. I assist emerging leaders, CEOs and executives speak with an eloquent, confident voice tone. My executive presence coaching shows you how to juggle your interactions, so your words and message align with your audience and build relationships, trust and impact.

Let’s cut to the chase- I help you stop feeling sidelined and uncomfortable at work by training you in proven tactics that increase leadership presence.

No matter your personality, you can communicate with charisma, confidence and even increased comfort.

First, however, you need to know the tactics to fire your neural pathways to present the communication signals that fast-track your executive presence.

My roster of private clients includes major companies and luxury brands as well as famous TedTalk personalities, CEOs and even speakers at the UN Geneva.

Although my schedule is tight with the big lights, I also love partnering with emerging leaders. So, you don’t need to be a LinkedIn influencer to access my executive communication training!

Keep reading to learn how to give your communication more gas.

It’s time to fast-track yourself to success with an integrated speaking system that drives smoother than a Bugatti.

executive presence coaching

Emerging Leaders

Our services for emerging leaders focus on expanding your career communication and leadership communication skills. These services are ideal for you if you’re a new leader, setting your sights on obtaining a management role in the future, or if you believe your professional speaking needs more polish so that you can sound more confident and impactful at work.

Sara will help you feel empowered to be the best speaker you can be through her powerful C-Suite Elocution course.

It all starts with the High-Performance Communication audit where you’ll discover the one thing holding you back from high-performance communication.

After which you can, Enrol in the C-Suite to learn high-performance communication and elocution techniques for your communication.

Audit Your Speaking

executive presence

If you’ve got a toxic boss or high-pressure career on your hands, a self-help book isn’t enough to secure your speaking confidence. 

Weak communication gets in the way of career success. 

My High-Performance Communication Audit helps you discover what’s holding you back from eloquent speaking.

In your audit feedback session you’ll meet with Sara and receive concrete recommendations on communication growth goals to expand your leadership potential.

executive presence

The C-Suite

executive presence coaching
The C-Suite is my crown-jewel online communication program which leaves your speaking sparkly, charismatic & courageous. 

This comprehensive communication course shifts your thinking about speaking under pressure. 

Ideal for emerging leaders and mid-career professionals seeking to increase professional polish.

The C-Suite includes 30 guided video lessons with engaging power sheets and playbooks.  

The science-backed training hardwires your career communication. 

Enhance your executive presence, leadership potential and charisma. 

Doors open intermittently for the C-Suite throughout the year.

Get on the waitlist (and I’ll send you my Free Masterclass as a starter) / or take the first step today with my High-Performance Audit.

Prepare yourself completely for conversational curve-balls.

Executives, Founders & CEOs

Legit executive communication training that makes you speak with more comfort and impact

Executive Communication Training


Sara provides 1-1 executive communication training consultations for CEOs and managers. The Sara Geiger International executive presence coaching program will assist you to signal increased charisma, leadership, emotional intelligence, voice tone and language logic via concrete research-informed communication tactics to consolidate your impact, tenureship, and executive personal brand.

Places in my executive presence coaching program are extremely limited, and only four seats are available at a time.

Ideal for CEOs and Executives who are time-poor and want consultations to fit their hectic schedules. 

Investment starts at $6,000.

Executive assistants are welcome to attend, prep agendas and take notes to ensure better outcomes from these sessions.

Want some caviar for your communication?

Executive Communication Training with Sara Includes:

  • A 6-month engagement with Sara.
  • Personalised Executive Presence Coaching and Leadership Communication Strategy sessions with niche support as needed.
  • Access to Sara on the voice messaging channel Voxer during business hours for one month for crisis communication and on-the-fly speaking / document advice (extension on Voxer support available).
  • Purchasing this program will also include everything in the C-Suite for 2022 for six months.
  • Advanced voice tone training for public speaking, presentations and leadership.

All Gold Class C-Suite Members will get everything included in the C-Suite experience, as well as a 6-month mentorship with Sara.

The Gold Class C-Suite Membership is a premium offering that provides executive communication training to CEOs, leaders and managers who want to work on their communication with next-level accountability and tailored support from Sara.

FYI: Sara will consider all applications in detail and be frank about whether you’re the right fit for the Gold Class membership.

Train Your Team

Looking for corporate training for your organisation? Consider it done! You can book me for a speaking event or workshop to empower, inspire and scale your team’s communication skills.

Learn more about my bespoke communication strategy workshops below:

Communication Workshops for your Team

executive communication training
Sara provides engaging and inspiring corporate communication workshops for organisations and teams.

Your team will learn proven methods to ensure maximum return on your investment in a customised workshop session.

Sara has extensive experience partnering with companies to optimise team communication skills.

If you want to enhance brand consistency and increase competitive advantage, get in touch today!

Book a discovery call with Sara to discuss potential options and learn more.

Communication Strategy Consulting for your Company

executive communication training

Sara provides communication profiling and strategic consulting to organisations and companies to enhance customer experience, team communication, brand loyalty and interpersonal collaboration within your organisation.

Does your organisation have a specific problem that needs solving?

Sara Geiger can assist you in solving problems within your organisation, such as:

  • Corporate Communication Profiling: Analysis of systems within your organisation to map out in-house communication style policies vital to amplify your organisation’s emotional intelligence, team connection and interpersonal workflow systems.
  • Improved customer-facing interactions: Optimising communication company-wide will increase your competitive advantage and strengthen brand loyalty and customer experience. Sara Geiger can work in-house with your team and key players to roll out a communication branding protocol that amplifies your organisation’s emotional intelligence, charisma and interpersonal tone. Communication strategies for qualifying and securing leads, dealing with conflict management and irate customers are just a few areas your organisation can optimise with Sara Geiger International.
  • Solutions to optimise team communication: Sara Geiger International undertakes reconnaissance and analysis of interpersonal systems within your organisation to map out unique in-house communication style policies vital to building brand consistency in interpersonal processes among your team to increase KPIs and the bottom line.
  • Voice tone branding: Acoustic profiling and message tone analysis of your organisations front of house talent (call centre staff, reception staff, sales teams, customer service teams) to enhance charismatic and emotionally intelligent delivery that increases your organisation’s ability to connect, build trust and consolidate rapport in the market.
  • Strategies to enhance customer experience and brand loyalty: I’ll consult in-house with your team’s key players to roll out your communication branding across the organisation systematically.
  • Strategic communication solutions for conflict management: Sara Geiger is available to design plug-and-play processes across your team to assist them in successfully responding to conflicts in a way that mitigates risks and increases competitive advantage.
  • Action-based training for sales teams, with a specific emphasis on rapport-building devices to secure high ticket, luxury or niche sales while consistently delivering premium customer experience.
  • Executive presence coaching for frontline leadership staff to enhance your company persona.

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executive communication training
executive communication training

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