Talk with Confidence, Organise your Thoughts & Express yourself Clearly

The High-Performance Communication Audit, the first step to Modern Elocution Lessons
by Sara Geiger International


Ready to speak clearly & strongly?

Perhaps you consider your communication a huge calling card. Or maybe it’s never come easily.

There’s this feeling where you are speaking in a meeting.

Your speech accelerates.

It’s out of control…

or your voice cracks…

the words don’t come to mind.

If you know you should be more persuasive or assertive, if you fail to make, your message sounds logical when under pressure, if speaking clearly with your peers and customers in a professional environment is a real challenge, if using the right tone of voice to get your message across feels difficult or even if you want to be able to engage in conversations more confidently and effectively then pay close attention, because There’s A Reason Why.

There’s an art and science to High-Performance Communication.

Ever want the entire road map to communication success?

Hello, I’m

Sara Geiger

Communication Performance Consultant for Executives + Emerging Leaders

As a trained speech pathologist and opera singer, I know the many barriers to high-performance communication.

In opera, the expectation is that you step on stage and complete a perfect vocal performance in spite of nerves, so I’ve done a lot of heavy lifting there.

Then speech pathology gives me the tools to analyse how communication works all the while understanding how to structure speaking goals for my clients so that they stick and can finally communicate with confidence and comfort.

After training high-performance communication with 100’s of clients from all over the world, Voice Science, my clinic, reached a point where I was only personally available to help X number of people a week.

But I know there are so many people needing support in this area.
I see that daily.

Over 10 years, I have developed a tested and systematic method to audit your voice, speaking and communication and in so doing pinpoint the exact bottleneck you are facing in your speaking.

And I want to share that with you.

No matter where you are.

So that you know where you stand and have a game plan to excel when you are communicating using a modern elocution system.


Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

From the boardroom, to the podium, over the phone, or behind the lens- I’ll meet you at the communication barrier you’re facing and help you to smash it!

I’ve provided speaking assessment and modern elocution training to people from all sorts of professions at different stages in their career path from middle management through to company directors.

Take, for example, Sam.
Sam elocution Case study

Take, for example, Sam who was finding it challenging to make a career switch and obtain his first foot in the door for a management consulting role until he worked with me.

Here’s what he had to say about our approach to modern elocution training and the career-changing outcomes he achieved after he applied my system:

“I have landed multiple job offers with top global firms, including at the most prestigious firm in the world for this profession in management consulting that I have been aiming to get into, and I will be starting with them later next year. I made it!!

It has been nothing short of eye-opening, and it’s amazing even what I can pick up and observe from others these days with the knowledge from the program.”

SAMElocution Client

Now Sam is working in his dream role and able to perform at a high level to drive not only his speaking comfort but also career communication forward. 

Sam case study elocution
If you want to improve your communication, you need to know this:

There are 6 basic bottlenecks that can hold you back from clear and confident communication.

You need to learn what your #1 bottleneck is before you can fix it.
Solving this problem for clients from all over the world is what I do all day, every day through my modern elocution services…

When it comes to your communication, there is no one size fits all answer.

This is why I have developed The High-Performance Communication Audit, where I will prescribe exactly what your communication needs right now.

The High-Performance Communication Audit
Discover The 1 Thing Holding You Back from High-Performance Communication

$360 AU

A tailored and comprehensive audit into every aspect of your communication

(Value $600 AUD)

With the HPC Audit, you will know precisely what you need to boost to break your professional communication barriers.

Assessment of your Voice Tone

This assessment will ensure that you are not sabotaging a good message with a poor sound.

Assessment of speech intonation and expression factors

I’ll audit your voice pitch, tone, word stress, and emphasis- critical factors needed for persuasive and interesting communication.

Investigation of your speaking fluency features.

We will determine whether your speech is broken and disjointed or moving to a mumble so that you can learn how well your speaking flows and what you need to incorporate to sound more interesting, confident and clear.

Speech Rate Assessment

Discover whether your speech is too fast or too slow and compare it to research-based findings on the best speech rhythm for listener engagement so that you can add credibility and capture your audience.

Screening of your language and vocabulary power

to see if you need strategies for word-finding problems, logical structure, topic building, corporate storytelling and message precision.

Assessment of your social communication tool stack

What tools do you need to build rapport, engage, convince and persuade others more effectively?

Communication Activity Inventory

What types of communication activities do you need for your job/ small business/ interests? Which are working well? Which need more skill?

Video-based assessment online in a conversational format

So that you speak as you normally would, in order for us to get a true picture of your communication while performing under pressure.

A 30-minute Communication Strategy Feedback Session

(Value $300 AUD)

So you can learn exactly what your communication needs and get your questions answered.


You’ll also get access to the High-Performance Communication Success Digital Blueprint!

(Value $300 AUD)

So that you can have a guide to the key features of clear and confident communication.

Easy Onboarding Plan

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Start Your Modern Elocution Program

Purchase Your Audit
Check Your Email
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Start Your Modern Elocution Program

The High-Performance Communication Audit
Discover The 1 Thing Holding You Back from High-Performance Communication

$360 AU

Effective communication training should not be based on someone telling you what they think and feel. We have enough speech science research out there to be more accountable than that.

Sara Geiger International
What People Are Saying…
Caroline Rosenberg

Organisational Psychologist & Lecturer

I highly recommend the High-Performance Communication Strategies sessions!

If you want to invest in yourself to improve many things of your communication style this is the place to seek guidance from, you won’t regret it! keep in mind that you have to commit to practice on a daily though, but that’s what it is about, practice, practice, practice!

Also, Sarah was fantastic all the way through. You can apply what you learn on a professional as well as on a personal level.

Kylie S.

Contract Negotiator

I have also consulted with Sara personally for a voice issue and was impressed with her upbeat joy. What you get in the videos is true to life. Highly recommended and will be back if I have any other issues.

Paris Eifini

Juris Doctor & University Lecturer

I’ve worked with Sarah for years and continue to do so yearly for my high-level career.  Her great expertise, passion and thoroughness has tremendously supported me in university lecturing, international/national conference presentations, and most recently, addressing prestigious international bodies on the world-stage. My voice has gone from strength to strength. I would not hesitate to recommend her highly enough for your voice to reach its potential in performance and in life.

Maya C.

Finance Professional & Entrepreneur

I found the elocution training to be so straight forward but very effective. Sarah introduced a few simple tricks that helped me form good habits which in turn improved my communication skills drastically.

Roger J.

Management Consultant

I was regularly losing my voice at work and needed help with elocution and making my voice more powerful. Sarah was excellent. The assessment was very professional and thorough, and practical exercises made the world of difference.
Francy M.

Health promotion officer

I really enjoyed the elocution sessions with Sarah. I was impressed with the range of techniques that were shared, and I found them very helpful. Sarah also couples research with practice, instills confidence with her multidisciplinary approach. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this elocution service best for?

The High-Performance Communication Audit is the perfect fit if you have one or more concerns relating to your professional speaking and would like to take the first step to building an action plan to improve your career based communication.

Common concerns among my clients include:

  • Message clarity, delivery and tone
  • Language and vocabulary extension
  • Using a comfortable and appropriate speech rate (but possible diagnosis of stuttering)
  • Word finding difficulties and content planning difficulties when speaking or writing
  • Voice Quality, voice projection difficulties
  • The wish to have some strategies to communicate with increased diplomacy, assertiveness and / or persuasiveness
  • A coming presentation or communication activity with high stakes. For example, conference presentations, filming or vlogging content, public speaking engagements, challenging job interviews or job applications, concerns about written expression, pitching your ideas to a team, delivering a speech at an important social or work event
  • Difficulties conversing with clients, colleagues, managers, key stakeholders
  • Social communication barriers: barriers when networking, making ‘small talk,’ starting conversations, joining group conversations,
  • Clarity and comfort concerns when speaking on the telephone
  • Concerns about speech and language formality

2. Who will assist me in the High-Performance Communication Audit?

Your audit submissions and strategy feedback session will be overseen by our chief communication consultant, Sara Geiger.

How much time will it take me to complete the audit?

The unique on demand style of this audit means you can commence your speaking submissions within 5 minutes of purchase.

We recommend you allow up to 30 minutes to complete all audit targets.

You’ll then need to allow 30 minutes in addition for your strategy feedback session with Sara.

Will I get feedback on my speaking during the audit?

Yes, this is exactly what the audit will give you.

You’ll receive comprehensive insights into areas of your speaking that are working well and areas that you can improve on. Sara applies a strength-based feedback approach and is careful to balance direct feedback with affirming information so that you have a clear plan to move forward with that supports confident communication.

Is the audit suitable for me if English is not my first language?

Absolutely. You can apply the principles across all languages. Many of my clients are multi-lingual professionals seeking to increase their executive presence and speaking comfort to better career advancement. The High-Performance Communication Audit will give you a foundation to build research-based speaking improvement goals for your career communication.

Does the audit lead to 1-1 elocution training sessions with sara?

The High-Performance Communication Audit will give you a foundation to build research-based speaking improvement goals for your career communication.

The audit is a great entry point into Sara’s modern elocution program, called the C-Suite, which provides a total fix for your career communication.

Spread across 30 video lessons with plug and play resources and detailed communication trainings, this is the usual next step after the audit session. Sara will discuss with you after your audit session whether this program is a recommended fit for your communication growth goals and will provide you with a game plan that supports your development to complement your progress through the C-Suite.

There are also additional options to work for Sara. She is available for 1-1 consulting sessions for executives and emerging leaders and companies after the HPC Audit. Due to demand, numbers for this service are extremely limited. 

Sara will discuss the best option with you in your Communication Strategy Feedback Session.

Can my employer pay for my Audit?

The High-Performance Communication Audit has been designed with both individuals and companies in mind. This makes the program an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in a research-based speaking training assessment for a staff member.

Can I purchase the Audit for my employee/s?

The High-Performance Communication Audit has been designed to appraise communication skills within teams and organisations. This makes the service an ideal investment for any organisation that wishes to invest in an evidence-based speaking assessment for their staff member.

If you would like to purchase a program for one employee,

please email our support team upon purchase, and we can assist with giving your staff member access to the program directly.

If you would like to purchase the program for more than one employee,

get in touch with us at hello@sarageiger.com

Why is the audit priced in Australian Dollars?

The Sara Geiger International HQ is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Although we serve clients worldwide, we price our services in Australian dollars.

Can I receive private health care rebates for this service?

Most Private Health funds stipulate that they do not cover elocution or career-based communication training. Technically,  high-performance communication needs are not related to communication disorders.

*If you have a social communication diagnosis, please refer to Sara’s speech pathology clinic for adults- Voice Science.

Do I need a referral from my General Practitioner?

Although Sara is a qualified speech and language pathologist no medical referral is required to undertake a High-Performance Communication audit as this is a non-medical service.

Do you have a Refund Policy for the Audit?

Strategy feedback sessions are engaging, stimulating, and a first-class experience for your communication.

Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring the session for you, we do not extend any refund on any of our services.

We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we’re committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

Our Guarantee to You

our guarantee

Sara Geiger International Services are an engaging, stimulating, and first-class experience for your communication. Since extensive planning and detail go into tailoring sessions and digital services for you, we do not extend any refunds on any of our services.

We provide a top-tier service, if you are dissatisfied with anything we’ll work to make it right because we are committed to advocating for your communication comfort.

Break your communication barriers.

It’s time to level up and strategise with modern elocution training.