Legit communication training that makes you speak with more comfort and impact

Master of Speech Pathology, Master of Music (Opera Performance), BMus (Perf), BA(Eng and Philosophy), PhD Candidate (Opera)

Want to lift your business persona & career?

I’ll help.

Wish you could think on your feet and speak on a roll?

My extensive tricks are not only research-backed; they work to sharpen your communication agility drastically so that people can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

If you’re an executive, emerging leader or an ambitious person who wants to get ahead professionally. I can help with that. I help you speak with an eloquent, confident voice tone and show you how to juggle your interactions, so your words and message align with your audience and build relationships, trust and impact.

Let’s cut to the chase- I help you stop feeling sidelined and uncomfortable at work by training you in proven tactics that increase leadership presence.

No matter your personality, you can communicate with charisma, confidence and even increased comfort. You just need to know the tactics to fire your neural pathways, calibrate your voice tone and increase your social intelligence to get the right balance between assertiveness and rapport with your professional contacts.

My roster of private clients includes major companies and luxury brands as well as famous TedTalk personalities, CEOs and even speakers at the UN Geneva.

Although my schedule is tight with the big lights, I also love partnering with emerging leaders. So basically, you don’t need to be a LinkedIn influencer to access my training!
Keep reading to learn how to give your communication more gas so you can fast-track yourself to success with an integrated speaking system that drives smoother than a Bugatti.

Audit Your Speaking


If you’ve got a stressful colleague, difficult boss or all-around demanding high-pressure career on your hands, you can probably confirm for me that a massage, self-help book or even cheese platter over the weekend is not enough to feel well while speaking on Mondays back at work.

The High-Performance Communication Audit helps you discover what is holding you back from high-performance communication.


The C-Suite


My crown-jewel communication program that leaves your speaking sparkly, charismatic & courageous.

This comprehensive communication course will totally shift your thinking about speaking under pressure and gives you strength-based training and the practical skills to help you position your speaking with upbeat joy rather than feeling held back by self-doubt.

I’m utterly obsessed with boosting your communication confidence, which is why I scrupulously researched corporate communication tactics for over a decade dedicated to creating the total fix for your career communication. The end product is the C-Suite, an engaging, easy-to-digest, EFFECTIVE program that improves your professional and personal communication.

Doors open intermittently for the C-Suite throughout the year.

If you’re waiting for it to open, get on the waitlist (and I’ll send you my Free Masterclass as a starter) / or take the first step today with my High-Performance Audit.

Prepare yourself completely for conversational curve-balls.

Bespoke Communication Workshops


Would you like to book Sara to deliver a niche communication workshop for your company, organisation or team?

Sara delivers strategic and science-based communication training that will equip your team with actionable skills they can instantly implement to optimise communication success.
Every workshop will be built on demand and embedded with proven methods for your industry and organisational needs to ensure maximum return on your investment.

Sara has extensive experience partnering with companies to optimise team communication skills to enhance brand consistency and set your organisation apart by increasing your competitive advantage.

Do you have specific communication skills and activities that your team need?

For further information, book a discovery call with Sara to discuss potential options.

Executive Communication Strategy Sessions 


Want some caviar for your communication?
I’m available for 1-1 consulting sessions for executives and leaders after the HPC Audit. Due to demand, numbers for this service are extremely limited. Therefore, we only take 4 seats at a time for this service. Investment starts at $6,000.

All Gold Class C-Suite Members will get everything included in the C-Suite experience, as well as a 6-month mentorship with Sara.

The Gold Class C-Suite Membership is a premium offering designed for anyone who wants to work on their communication with next-level accountability and tailored support from Sara.

This is the only way to work with Sara 1:1.
FYI: All applications will be considered in detail, and Sara will be frank as to whether she has assessed you as the right fit for the Gold Class membership.

The Gold Class Offer Includes:

  • A 6-month engagement with Sara.
  • 5 personalised Communication Strategy sessions valid for 6 months with niche support as needed as well as access to Sara on the voice messaging channel Voxer during business hours for 1 months for crisis communication and on-the-fly speaking advice (extension on voxer support available).
  • Purchasing this membership will also include everything in the C-Suite for 2022 for 1 year.
  • Advanced voice tone training for public speaking, presentations and leadership.

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