The Communication Kit

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Communication Kit

Probe your professional diplomacy, persuasiveness & assertiveness skills fast.

This quick communication kit helps you consider how you want to begin to scale your communication agility.

This kit includes:

✅ Bonus 7 pdf resource with checklists & summary

✅ A 9-minute Audio tutorial (access the link to the audio via the pdf on page 2)

Moving flexibly between assertiveness – diplomacy – persuasiveness is essential to getting the impact you deserve.

You can hone in on your career communication in this updated communication kit. Use the checklists to monitor your participation to find areas you can leverage further to leave your mark at work.

Sara Geiger

Communication is like String Theory, it’s the Foundation of Everything.

Your ability to leverage assertiveness, diplomacy & persuasiveness will set you up for life in all your communication endeavours.

This Communication Kit will get you started, for free!