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Step One

Take My Free Masterclass

How to Look, Sound & Feel Confident at Work

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Discover the hidden tricks no one is talking about, which fast-track speaking confidence & executive presence at work.

To spread the joy of communicating without apology, I built out this instant Masterclass ready for you to watch. So join me in this FREE communication course delivered as a masterclass in which you’ll learn the science-backed strategies for ensuring your personal impact hits the mark at work so that you can have more influence and finally feel more confident.

Step Two

The High-Performance Communication Audit

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Discover what’s holding you back from eloquent speaking with our tailored and comprehensive audit of every aspect of professional communication. Take the science-backed professional communication assessment with Sara and get detailed feedback into vital areas of your communication that you can optimise so that you showcase your expertise & influence effectively and build career success.

The High-Performance Communication Audit is the first step to commencing a communication course or executive communication training program at Sara Geiger International.

Step Three

The C-Suite Program

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The C-Suite is a comprehensive online communication course that shifts your thinking about speaking under pressure so that you showcase your expertise and influence.

Our science-backed speaking training hardwires your career communication and delivers a total fix for your professional speaking, interactions skills and leadership presence.

Access the world’s first elite communication suite for emerging leaders and mid-career professionals today by first taking the high-performance communication audit.


Executive Communication Training

Sara provides 1-1 executive communication training consultations for CEOs and managers. The Sara Geiger International executive presence coaching program will assist you in showcasing increased charisma, leadership expertise, emotional intelligence, voice tone and language logic via concrete research-informed communication tactics to consolidate your impact, tenureship, and executive personal brand.

Places in this executive presence coaching program are extremely limited.

Ideal for CEOs and Executives who are time-poor and want consultations to fit their hectic schedules.

Investment starts at $6,000.

Free Resources

Free Audio Training

5 Levers to Pull if No One Recognises your Leadership Potential

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Listen to this FREE audio training from Sara and stop feeling second class in the office, because your ideas aren’t, you just need to learn to speak with authority. This free audio training will show you how.

Ideal for you if you believe you’ve got the expertise and experience to become an emerging leader, but no one is giving you a chance. You’ll receive a mini audio communication skills course to assist you with your professional speaking goals and career ascension plans.

The Quick Communication Kit

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Communicating seamlessly shouldn’t be intimidating. ⁠Use this quick Communication Kit to see how you can leverage your social communication.⁠ ⁠

In this resource, I’ve shared 3 essential skills that determine professional communication competence: Assertiveness, Persuasion & Diplomacy. ⁠ ⁠

If you use these skills well you can leverage your communication more effectively.

Get your own Quick Communication Kit & Free Audio Training now!

Take My Free Class

Communication Class for Emerging Leaders

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Inside, I’ll show you precisely what you need to do to showcase your skills as an emerging leader even if you’ve not been given a chance at a management position.

Our next session is coming soon. Sign up for updates.

Appraise your Public Speaking Comfort

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Public Speaking Anxiety affects up to 25% of the population.We all need a public speaking PEP talk from time to time.

I’ve designed this content to give science-backed information on what to look for if you want to increase your presentation skills so that you can better serve your audience, clients or stakeholders.

First, you’ll take the Public Speaking Anxiety Scale to test the degree anxiety is impacting, then watch a mini-tutorial before learning some actionable strategies. The scale is free so take the opportunity to get some personal insights into your speaking comfort level when presenting.

Our communication programs and services are designed using verified research-informed methods to make you a communicator everyone listens to.

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