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What is the C-Suite?

The C-Suite is a portfolio of modern elocution lessons and online science-based communication courses that help you speak with more clarity & confidence so that you can

ace your next job interview, close more clients, communicate more effectively with your boss, get a raise, report to the board of trustees, get a promotion, feel confident when public speaking, speak up and be more assertive, increase your leadership potential...
and more!

How does the C-Suite Work?

Get started by enrolling in one of the elocution lessons or communication  courses from the catalogue below.

Each course is a practical stand alone offering that will help you refine some niche communication skills.

All communication courses include video modules, technical strategy workbooks and practice materials based on research. Courses are self paced and independent but have hefty resource supplements to guide your learning comfort and speaking growth. Each course lives on Cadenza®, a secure member only site.

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It’s time to speak with more elegance, confidence & comfort.


1. Pick a niche elocution course from the cataogue


2. Undertake the guided elocution training complete with practice resources in your home


3. Use our progress trackers and tools to implement your speaking skills into your daily life.

What our clients say

If you want to invest in yourself to improve many things of your communication style this is the place to seek guidance from, you won’t regret it! keep in mind that you have to commit to practice on a daily though, but that’s what it is about, practice, practice, practice! Also, Sarah was fantastic all the way through. You can apply what you learn on a professional as well as on a personal level.


C-Suite Alumna

I really enjoyed the elocution sessions with Sarah. I was impressed with the range of techniques that were shared, and I found them very helpful. Sarah also couples research with practice, instils confidence with her multidisciplinary approach. Highly recommended!


C-Suite Alumna

I felt very comfortable working with Sarah and I received an extremely professional experience. Sarah is calm, content and knowledgeable. Always offering improvement techniques and strategies. I will certainly select Sarah as my Coach because I truly believe that I have benefitted immensely under her guidance and direction.


C-Suite Alumna

I successfully changed my career and landed a dream job at the most prestigious company in the field. Whilst a lot of work went into that, the program certainly helped and it entirely changed what I knew, and how I thought, about using one’s voice.


C-Suite Alumnus

There are just 7 skills you need to communicate intelligently & elegantly.

It’s a fact- speaking confidence isn’t in your DNA. It’s a specific skill set. And if you can’t express yourself confidently, you’re losing communication capital. But with the proper training, you can speak up with clarity,  impact and elegance. 

  • Get science-backed training for your speaking
  • Have access to live sessions with Sara Geiger
  • Learn in your living room or office
  • Build the 7 skills you need to communicate elegantly & intelligently
  • Pivot your speaking for your career and personal life
Optimise your voice tone, boost your delivery & express yourself better.

Who will I learn from?

The C-Suite is the creation of Sara Geiger, communication scientist, speaker and opera singer.

Sara’s mission is to help you build your ability to express your ideas and use your voice without inhibition. Read more about Sara here.

Her diverse academic and professional portfolio allows her to develop ingenious and engaging communication training embedded in science that actually works.


C-Suite Elocution Offerings


The High Performance Communication Auditbest seller


  • Start in 5 minutes
  • hComprehensive speaking assessment
  • Start in 5 minutes
  • $299 AU
  • Available Worldwide

Discover the 1 thing holding you back from High-Performance Communication.

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