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vocabulary workshop

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Discover the hidden tricks that no one is talking about which fast-track speaking confidence,  executive presence and professional communication skills. All attendees will receive VIP info about my elite communication coaching program.

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Confident and Charismatic communication increases professional well-being, builds your earning potential and maximises career growth opportunities.

My guess is you found this page because my name came up over coffee or perhaps you stumbled across me on Youtube or through a handy communication blog post. However you got here, know that you’re in the right place if you want to take a load off and change your professional communication for the better with accountable and proven methods.

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professional communication course
professional communication
professional communication course

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Do you feel like your communication needs to come up for air? Infuse some fresh tricks into your speaking with some short tutorials from my growing channel.

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Are you ready to put your professional speaking to work so you can show up with more leadership presence, eloquence and unwavering self-assurance?

My signature communication coaching services move your speaking story from a fantasy novel to a real-life autobiography full of wins that you want to read about!

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Mimi felt demoralised with feedback from her boss that she lacked executive presence but couldn’t work out what her speaking needed to open doors. Mimi took communication coaching sessions with me and hasn’t looked back since.

She discovered how to be concise, and refined her voice tone and assertive skills. As a result, Mimi achieved a fantastic outcome for her professional communication. She now presents with increased clarity and confidence. She even spoke successfully in a Bloomberg interview a few months back and has just been promoted to Chief Finance Officer.

Now Mimi is getting paid what she deserves and no longer missing out on promotions. If Mimi could get the result she dreamed of while working a full-time job with massive hours and studying her MBA simultaneously, you can too.

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